A variety of group exercise and fitness classes are offered each semester.

 University of Pittsburgh Faculty and Staff and also members of the Greater Pittsburgh Community have the opportunity to participate in our top-notch fitness programming. 

Lead by exercise physiology students and certified staff, our classes promise to bring you the most current and safe programming in group exercise. 


Fees are charged per class.

All classes meet 2x per week.

Membership aligns with the PITT semester schedule and typically runs as follows:

  • FALL:             September - Early December
  • SPRING:       January - April
  • SUMMER:    May - Early August




You asked and here it is! 

Friday Fitness Classes

June 2 - August 25

Friday - 12:00-12:45 pm - Trees Hall Fitness Center

12 week packages and individual drop-in class options available




Description of Activity and Fitness Classes

Body Sculpting : This non-aerobic workout is designed to condition and tone the muscles of the body. Balls, bands, free weights and even your own body weight can be used during this class to create a total body workout. The class is easily tailored for beginner to intermediate exercisers.

Bootcamp Fitness : Following ideas derived from traditional military boot camp sessions, this high intensity class is fast moving and full of challenges as it incorporates calisthenics and strength training with aerobic exercise bouts. Look for something different and challenging with each class session. All levels are encouraged to attend this class as the instructors can easily tailor workouts to suit with fitness levels.

Indoor Cycling : Designed for all levels, this cycling class offers a challenging opportunity to get your heart pumping, burn calories, and leave you with a feeling of accomplishment and perhaps a desire to be out on the road.

Kettle and Conditioning : Kettle bells can be an effective training tool to add to any cardio or strength regimen. This class is designed to incorporate this tool within a class that provides a total body conditioning workout. Instructors will educate on proper form and safety within a challenging workout.

Kickboxing : A great workout for anyone interested in improving their fitness & stamina. Kickboxing is a fun and flexible class for all fitness levels. Class format integrates combinations of punches, kicks, and kickboxing moves to give a great total body workout. Some additional muscle and motion exercises may be incorporated to complete the workout. This class is definitely fun, and promotes reduced stress while getting an awesome workout.

Pilates : The Pilates method of body conditioning strengthens and tones muscles, improves posture, provides flexibility, balance, and creates a more streamlined shape using your body’s own natural resistance to define and elongate the muscles. This method of training incorporates high focus on core conditioning. Please provide your own mat.

Total Body Fusion : This class provides a fusion of exercise styles with focus on both aerobic and strength elements. Expect various types of high and low-impact cardiovascular exercise including, but not limited to, aerobics, basic step aerobics, and cardio kickboxing elements. In addition, resistance training, yoga and/or Pilates may be incorporated into the exercise sessions.

Water Aerobics : This high-intensity, low-impact workout increases cardiovascular fitness, strengthens and tones all muscle groups. Using specially designed hydrofit equipment, the class incorporates a deep-water workout with abdominal, leg, and upper body exercises followed by stretching. The water buoyancy provides natural resistance without extra stress on your joints and lower back. Swimming ability is not required.

Yoga : A form of physical activity that enhances both the physical and mental states. This class involves full body postures to improve muscle tone and flexibility. Please provide your own mat.

Yoga and Pilates : Can’t decide between a yoga class or a Pilates class? Choose a combination of both! This class is designed to focus on inner strength while also improving core and posture. Please provide your own mat.

Zumba® : This one of a kind combination of dance and exercise is designed to put "fun" back into fitness. The Zumba® workout maximizes conditioning and total body toning. This class features aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms. A party-like atmosphere is created with the exotic and explosive rhythms of the music. No previous dance experience is needed to have fun with Zumba®!